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with Brett Minchington

São Paulo, Brazil
Tuesday 14 February 2023

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We invite you to join us when Brett Minchington  comes to Brazil for the first time to present his International Employer Brand Leadership Masterclass as part of his Employer Branding Global Tour which has been to more than 60 cities in 40 countries since 2007—training thousands of leaders in employer brand leadership and strategy who are now successfully leading employer branding in their company.
Spend a day with Brett and local leaders who will share leading practice insights on employer branding trends, leadership, social media and technology to ensure you are set for employer branding success in 2023, a year when markets continue to rebound and navigate the talent shortages having a massive impact across many industries, not just in Brazil, but around the world.

You will learn from the world's most published author and educator in employer branding and learn how to apply this to your company to attract and retain the talent to drive growth in a post pandemic world.
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In this highly engaging & interactive International Masterclass you will:

  • Share in the latest global developments, research, trends and best practices in employer branding.

  • Learn how to adopt a strategic approach to employer branding and how this impacts talent acquisition, employee engagement, customer sales, revenue and growth.

  • Understand how to adapt to the new ways of working demanded while maintaining employer brand strength

  • Understand how technology is accelerating the demand for more data driven employer branding decisions and learn where to focus your efforts

  • Learn how to implement an employee advocacy marketing program across your organization at scale to support optimal performance in the new business environment.

  • Learn how to define the key ROI metrics and accountabilities for your employer brand strategy.

  • Learn how to apply employer branding best practice strategies and tactics used by brands such as Unilever, Mars, Google, IKEA, Salesforce, Adidas, Lego and many more leading brands.

  • Understanding the key workforce trends and defining a roadmap for your 2023 employer brand plan.

  • What does the current environment tell us about the future of employer branding over the next 3-5 years.

  • Leaders will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any perceptions or queries they have about employer branding or their own strategy/approach.

You will leave this masterclass with numerous strategies, tips and case studies on global 'best practice' employer branding. The learnings from this masterclass will provide a clear pathway for your 2023 Employer Brand Plan and targeted strategies.

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During this highly interactive masterclass with break out sessions, you will apply the key concepts and advance your employer brand planning process using Brett's leading practice employer brand leadership toolkit  taught  to leaders in 70+ countries in Employer Branding College's Certification Programs including:

  • Developing the right Scope, Structure and Strategy for your employer brand that builds competitive advantage

  • Understanding and applying the Employer Branding Ecosystem Model

  • Developing an Employer Brand Business Model to align your employer brand with the organisational strategy

  • The key steps to conduct an Employer Branding Audit

  • Assessing and defining the ideal candidate and employee experience

  • Employer Brand and EVP strategy templates

  • How to measure the ROI and impact of your strategy

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Using action learning techniques, you will learn strategies and tactics of best practice employer branding cases from leading companies around the world including:

  • Salesforce

  • Adidas

  • Mars

  • Microsoft

  • IKEA

  • Heineken

  • Unilever

  • Vodafone and many more.

All delegates will receive a copy of Brett's latest book,

"The Business of Employer Branding (2022)



Brett Minchington, Chairman/CEO Employer Brand International is a global authority on employer branding.


Key experiences:


  • International employer brand strategist & author

  • Published 9 books and 100+ articles & whitepapers

  • More than 2 million views on articles & whitepapers

  • 13 Global speaking tours 2007-2019

  • 2 million air kms travelling the world training leaders

  • Trained 1000’s of leaders in more than 60 cities in 40 countries

  • The world’s most published author in employer branding

  • Chaired Employer Branding Summits in 12 countries

  • Led 6 global research studies

  • Founded the world's largest employer branding event, World Employer Branding Day in 2016

  • Designed and launched the world’s first accredited Employer Brand Leadership qualification

  • Founded Employer Branding College in 2011

  • Employer brand strategic advisor to leading agencies and companies around the world.

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Learn from the world's most published author and educator in employer branding





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1000's of leaders including many from the world's leading brands
have benefited from Brett's knowledge and expertise


Open August 2022
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